Terms and conditions

Your reservation will only be definitive with our consent and on receipt of the reservation form with the payment of your deposit by credit card or international postal order. Any payment that is not accompanied by the original rental contract will not be considered as an effective reservation under any circumstances.

The booking contract is to be sent back. The contract is nominative and may not be ceded to a third party. For Camping reservation or rental accomodation : the deposit consist of : 30% of the total price of your stay + a non returnable payment of 18 euros for reservation charges.

Any person staying in the campsite should be mentionned in this contract. Management reserves the right to prohibit campsite access any non registered person.

Only one pitch or rented accommodation can be reserved by contract. The definite pitch or rented accommodation will be determined by the camping on the arrival day.

Your pitch will be available from 2.30 pm on the arranged day of arrival and is to be occupied before 7 pm. In case of delay, please inform the direction. Anyway, your pitch will be kept for you until the next day 2.30 pm. After that, without a fax or mail, your pitch will be at the direction’s disposal, the deposit will not be repaid and the total amount of your reserved pitch is owing. On the day of departure, your pitch is to be cleared before noon. The total amount of your stay must be paid on the arrival day. Your rental accommodation will be available from 4 pm on the arranged day of arrival and is to be occupied before 7 pm. In case of delay please inform the direction.

Deposit : a deposit of 200 euros will be requiered on arrival, this will be returned after the inventory. The tenant should return the accommodation in an excellent state of neatness before 11 am. The balance of your accomodation should be settled one month prior to your arrival date. Failing such settlement, your reservation will be cancelled.

There is no reduction in case of late arrival or an early departure. Any holiday started must be paid for in full.

Cancellation conditions : cancellation of your pitch reservation should be done by registered letter at least 31 days before the arranged date of your arrival day. In the case, the downpayment will be repaid at the end of the season after deduction of the reservation charges (18€).

Cancellation of your rented accommodation should be done by registered letter : 61 days prior to the due dateof arrival, the deposit will be refunded after deduction of postage and of the reservation charges. 31 days prior to the due date of arrival, all sums paid will belong to the campsite management. You can receive a cancellation insurance application form with your booking confirmation.

Any visitors or any person extra occupying a site must enquire at the reception and let their car on the parking. Visitors are allowed on site with our consent and on camper’s own responsibility. Visitors have to pay the entrance fee and they must leave the campsite before 10 pm. Visitors have not access to swimming pool without our consent.

Every camper is to comply with the regulation of the campsite.

In case of lawsuit, only the court of Digne-les-Bains will be competent.


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