Your choice : Tree house tent for 2 pers.

Our tree tent set up on its terrace at 3 m height fits perfectly into the landscape. In a pine, larch and spruce forest on the Rioclar bank.

For 2 people, enjoy an unusual stay very close to nature, a real return to the basics.

No need to bring one’s equipment. A "nomadic spirit" tent set up like a hut with insulation, wood frame, comfortable bed and garden furniture! A cozy tent of 6 m2 for nature lovers.

From the age of 8. Access via a wide staircase.


  • Tent with a choice of beds (1 bed of 160 cm or 2 beds of 80cm) + 2 pillows + 1 or 2 duvets
  • Electricity
  • 1 set of garden (for 2 persons)
  • a spacious terrace of 30m2
  • Showers and toilets available nearby

En option :

  • Sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers
  • Breakfast delivered at the foot of the tree tent
Capacity : 2 pers. - 6m2
Tree house tent for 2 pers.
  • Tree house tent for 2 pers.
  • Tree house tent for 2 pers.
  • Tree house tent for 2 pers.

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From 25/04/2020
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From 21/05/2020
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From 04/07/2020
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From 11/07/2020
To 22/08/2020
From 22/08/2020
To 29/08/2020
From 29/08/2020
To 13/09/2020
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